Friday, March 5, 2010

.new stroller.

Papa Harry and Grandma Barbara got little miss Kaiya a BOB Revolution Stoller!!!  Yayyyy!!!  It's uber easy to push and fold up, although it's still a little on the heavier side.  But it can be used for walking, jogging, shopping, etc.  She's still a little small for it, but Aunty Dawn has a car seat adapter that we can use until she's a little bigger.

Mommy took it on a test run to WalMart, and eventhough she's a little small for it, Kaiya had no complaints.  Everyone was looking at little Kaiya in her fancy new stroller and one nice lady mentioned how she looked sooo comfortable in it.  I think miss Kaiya likes the fact that she can see all the hustle and bustle of everyone shopping.  She also loves when mommy takes a peek to see how she's doing...she laughs everytime.  Cutest baby girl I'm not biased at all!  :)

Here's a couple pictures of Kaiya in her new stroller for the first time after Aunty Dawn set it up.

Kaiya:  Oooh, this is a fancy one...I like!
Caleb:  Can I sit here?! (In his BOB, Caleb sits where Kaiya is, and Kaytin sits where Caleb is pointing).

Kaiya: Hey, this is MY stroller.
Caleb:  Finally, I get to ride in the front.  

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