Monday, March 29, 2010

.poor miss kaiya bear.

Warning:  this post may be a little TMI for it contains information about little miss Kaiya's poops.  (will she hate me or what?!?)

It's not uncommon for babies to get a little constipated once they start solid foods.  And at first, miss Kaiya was still going regularly, like usual.  But a few days into the solids, she started having "adult-like" poops, meaning they were formed nuggets.  Or coins, as daddy likes to call them.  haha.  Well that progressed to nothing coming out at all.  And once nothing started coming out, Kaiya started making these grunting sounds, and her face would turn all red, and you know she was trying to push out a poop but it just wasn't coming.  :(  We kind of laughed at first, but it was so sad to see her struggling with no success.  And it didn't bother her so much, she wasn't fussy or was more bothersome for mommy and daddy.  We tried giving her water, diluted apple juice, diluted prune juice.  Nothing seemed to work.  So yesterday, Aunty Dawn helped us try to help Kaiya with the good ole thermometer up the butt trick.  Didn't work. was off to Dr. Carolan's we went this morning.  We knew if anyone could get something out of Kaiya, it was him.  And sure enough, he did the thermometer up the butt trick and got quite a bit out of her.  She was sad, but as soon as it was over she was back to her happy self.  She's also got a little stuffy nose, so we asked him to check her out since we leave for New Mexico on Wednesday.  Lungs and ears got the all clear.  As if that wasn't enough torture that we put her through, mommy remembered to ask about the H1N1 shot, since she's 6 months old and able to get it.  Both Dr. Carolan and Aunty Flo (nurse) recommended getting it because they said it's coming back around again.  So, Aunty Flo gave her the shot, and she cried for a split second after she realized what happened, but stopped as soon as daddy picked her up.  She even gave Aunty Flo a big smile on our way out...making Aunty Flo feel a lot better since she's always the "bad guy" who gives the shots.
Dr. Carolan told us to try giving Kaiya some more water, with a little added Karo Syrup so she'll actually drink it.  He also recommended we get some infant glycerin suppositories...however, our chances of finding them on Kauai are slim to none.  So we're gonna wait until we get to New Mexico and hopefully we can find them there.

So poor little Kaiya bear had a big day today.  But hopefully she'll be able to poop like her old self in a day or two.  She's still happy, talkative little miss Kaiya...just a little on the sleepy side from the H1N1 vaccine.  However, she's ready for her first big trip to the mainland on Wednesday night.  She'll finally get to meet Grandpa Dave!  She'll also get to meet her Great-Grandpa John, along with a bunch of other Aunty's and Uncle's.  Mommy should probably start packing soon!  Let's all pray that Kaiya sleeps on the plane, or at least isn't the fussy, crying baby on a 5 hour red-eye flight!  (Papa Harry got us earplugs to distribute to passengers around us, just in case, though!  Always prepared!)

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