Thursday, March 18, 2010

.whip it up.

Our new adventure is whipping up Kaiya homemade baby food.  It's fresh, cheap, and pretty easy.  Good thing daddy's a chef, and at one of his first jobs when he was in high school he had to puree up all kinds of food for the elderly at a nursing home.  Anyway, here's some pics of the whole baby food making process.  

First vegetable: Yellow Sweet Potatoes

We bought a cheap-o steamer at WalMart, so we washed, peeled, and cubed the sweet potatoes.  We bought two large ones.  We put them in the steamer for about 20-25 minutes and they were ready to be whipped up.  Daddy blended them for a minute or two until they were a smooth consistency.

He then put them through a fine-mesh strainer.  The consistency was like pudding.
Then, we transferred them into some silicone trays that perfectly portion the puree to 1 oz. cubes.
Froze them overnight and voila...30 cubes of sweet potato ready to be thawed and devoured (hopefully) by little miss Kaiya.
The whole time, cousin Kaytin helped out.  But she also had time to pose for a picture.

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