Thursday, March 4, 2010

.sunglasses crew.

For a while, Kaiya and her cousin Caleb weren't too fond of each other.  One would get mad that the other one was playing with a toy, or someone was holding one of them and the other wanted to be held by the same person...we all got a laugh out of it, except Kaiya and Caleb.  But as they both become more aware that the other one isn't going away anytime soon...they seem to LOVE playing with each other and making each other laugh.  It's pretty cute.

Caleb loves to come and play with Kaiya.  Kaiya was rocking her sunglasses inside the house, once again, so Aunty Dawn tried to see if Caleb wanted to wear his too.  Sure enough, these guys were too cool for school.
Caleb and Kaiya hanging out

Check me out daddy.

Here, Kaiya...let me help you, you're sunglasses are falling off your Filipino nose.

Here, my booger.  Just kidding...

This is how the cool kids wear them.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kaiya and Caleb,
    you are both totally cool!


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